Nail Care

Indulge in flawless nails with our exquisite range of #NaiIServices! From a quick file and polish change to our luxurious Shellac nail treatments, our skilled technicians will ensure your nails look stunning and polished to perfection.

  • Nails Trim & File

    Refine your look with our meticulous Nails Trim & File service—no nail polish, just expert shaping for a polished finish.


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  • Shellac Removal

    Effortlessly renew your nails with our Shellac Removal service. Gentle and meticulous, ensuring your nails remain healthy and pristine.


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  • Nails Polish change

    Revitalize your nails with our Nails Polish Change service, including expert removal of regular nail polish and a fresh application for a vibrant finish.


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  • Nails Trim, file and polish

    Say goodbye to dull nails! Our Nail File & Polish lets you shine. Personalized nail shaping & care meet your perfect polish shade for a customized look. Leave with healthy nails & dazzling color that reflects your style!


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  • Gel Nail Removal

    Our expert Gel Nail Removal service prioritizes healthy nails. We use gentle techniques and nourishing solutions to remove your gel polish safely and effectively, leaving your nails ready to shine anew.


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  • Shellac Polish Application

    Enhance your nails with our Shellac Polish for Hands or Toes, offering durable color and impeccable shine that lasts. Elevate your look with a touch of sophistication.


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  • French Shellac Application

    Achieve timeless elegance with our French Shellac Application. Impeccably applied for a classic, sophisticated look that lasts.


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  • Shellac Chrome Effects

    Experience mesmerizing nails with our Shellac Chrome Effects service. Elevate your look with stunning metallic finishes that dazzle and shine.


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